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Consolidated Concepts provides an outside perspective and leverages experience and best practices that you would not have access to otherwise. Our team of specialists in Supply Chain, Operations, Distribution, Produce Management and Spend Management Technology develop customized resources and support programs to help your teams increase productivity and reduce costs.

We've NEVER FAILED to save an operator money or increase their productivity - or both!
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Do you have the resources to continually compare products & pricing?

Custom Supply Chain Solutions

A comprehensive suite of services to ensure maximum profitability and productivity.

Is your produce pricing stable?

Produce Management

Expertly managed produce programs – focused on improving the quality, safety and traceability of your food.

Who is negotiating your most important contracts?

Distribution Agreement Negotiations

We understand how distributors make their money and build RFPs around what’s most important for you.

Would you buy better with 20,000 locations?

Procurement Optimization

Our pay by performance program leverages our billions in buying power and top technology to deliver you savings every month.

Where is your weakest link?

Supply Chain Assessment

Our team of experienced experts ensure you maximize the value of every aspect of your supply chain.

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