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 Vice President
Bruce Reinstein
President and COO
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Mathew Focht
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Client Support
Mark Cimino
Client Support Manager
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Lindsay Cohen
Business Development Manager
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Gretchen Freihofer
Client Support Analyst
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Judy Hollister
Business Development Officer
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Luis Lara
Client Consultant
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Alan Katz
Client Consultant
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Jodi Tobin
Director of Compliance
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Distribution Specialists
Randall Knopf
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Consolidated Concepts is the leading purchasing partner in the US for restaurants.  The focus is on supporting multi-unit restaurant brands with a team of specialist who provide you with added expertise to support your team. In addition, Consolidated Concepts’ technology and $15B in buying power provides you with savings and market knowledge

It’s Simple: We save you money with Expertise, Technology and Buying Power.